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60 years of History

In 1947 the cooperative grass drying factory Workum was founded to provide local farmers with grass pellets mainly for stock feeding.


Within a few years the grass drying factory started drying manures in the winter times after the grass drying season for fertilizing purposes .


In the early 50's the first pellets pressing systems where installed to produce gras pellets. Again the same installation was used to produce the first pelletized organic fertilizers in 1957.

Old factory


In the next few decades Culterra evolved further both in the grass drying and fertilizing business, where the fertilizing business became more important over time.

Organic fertilizer factory

In the 80's and 90's new fertilizing factories where build to facilitate product improvement and growth of the company. In 1999 the grass drying business was left and from that day on Culterra focused only on the production of fertilizers.



Since then production and packaging facilities where upgraded and improved on a regular basis and still today production lines are being developed, build and changed on a regular business to keep meeting market requirements.

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