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Culterra - organische meststoffen
For consumers
For professionals

Culterra's organic fertilizers are available for a wide range of retail and professional applications. Where each market has its special requirements in terms of technical and physical characteristics of the fertilizers. Also packaging requirements are different.



From universal organic fertilizers up-to full product ranges for all retail environments. Our broad packaging abilities make it possible to fit all space and face requirements. Range include secondary packaging such as in-store display. Culterra provides marketing support to gain an optimal product positioning. Logistical services ensure timely product distribution.


Sport and Golf

In this high demanding market place Culterra can provide the best available organic-mineral and biological fertilizers with proven track-records. Especially for this market fine granulars are available that fit requirements of green keepers and landscapers.


Organic fertilizer applications 


A best match between the crop, the circumstances and the fertilizer are crucial in professional horticulture business. Culterra, with it's roots in professional plant growing, can make this fit. We produce build-to-customer fertilizers that are individually tuned for each situation. Culterra cooperates with the renowned Dutch horticulture consultancy organizations.



Culterra's products are used for over 40 years in the important arboriculture industry in the Netherlands. Through this we have experienced which fertilizer will ensure a good balance between growth targets and plant health.


Professional gardening and landscaping

For these professionals Culterra produces universal fertilizers that combine excellent results with slow release behavior.

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