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organic fertilizers overview
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Culterra Produces a wide range of organic fertilizers based on its own in-house developed recipes. Today over 200 different types of organic fertilizers are produced within our company.

The product range can be split up into three main groups:

Soil Improvers
Soil improvers are those organic fertilizers with a NPK value lower than 12. The most common soil improvers we produce are: Cow manure pellets Chicken manure pellets Cow\Chicken manure pellets Enriched manure pellets

Organic Mineral Fertilizers
Organic-mineral fertilizers combine the power of mineral fertilizers with the slow release and improving capabilities of organic raw materials. These are "best-of-both-worlds" fertilizers. Next to a wide range in N-P-K-MgO choices Culterra produces these fertilizers with special additives and elements for specific purposes and crops

Biological and Plant based organic Fertilizers
For Biological and plant based organic fertilizers in general we use those raw-materials and components that comply with specific regulations, laws and guidelines for biological gardening and crop growing. Although these regulation may vary country-by-country in general these fertilizers use plant-based raw materials. Among others Culterra produces organic fertilizers that comply with EU 2092/91, Soil Association and Skall.

Through its long experience Culterra is able not only to differentiate in terms of N-P-K and used raw materials, we also can influence odor and color of the products.

All products are available as pellets and as micro-granulates. Our micro-granulates are especially interesting for high-value purposes such as lawn, golf and sport field fertilizing.

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