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Culterra SP Individual contain their nutrients based on the customer specification.

These organic fertilizers are individually produces fitting specific purposes and circumstances. Together with customer and user recipes are created based on appliance and local situation.


Variations in N-P-K, MgO, Additives and used raw materials are all possible.

Culterra 4+20+4 organic fertilizer

Culterra SP individual is available in 25, 500 en 1000 kg packaging


Culterra SP individual is available as mini granulate and in 3mm pellets.

Culterra SP Products
Culterra SP Individual
Culterra SP 10+4+8+3Mgo
Culterra SP 7+7+7
Culterra SP 7+6+12+4Mgo
Culterra SP 4+20+4
Culterra SP 4+3+20
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