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Culterra SPecials is a complete range of organic fertilizers that are developed for a wide range of applications for professionals. Culterra has used it's more than 30 years of experience in the development of this product line of highest quality organic fertilizers.


The Culterra SP product range consists of organic fertilizers with proven results in many professional areas. These fertilizer are produced is in fully controlled process. Raw materials end final products are continuously analysed. All Culterra SP fertilizers are produced in an excellent mini granulate that ensures a dust free application and fast disolvement into the soil. 


Culterra SP Products Special Organic Fertilizer
Culterra SP Individual
Culterra SP 10+4+8+3Mgo
Culterra SP 7+7+7
Culterra SP 7+6+12+4Mgo
Culterra SP 4+20+4
Culterra SP 4+3+20


The Culterra SP range is available in a wide range of standard recipes, but can also be produced individually to meet customers and application requirements. Through this unique build-to-order process there is always a Culterra SP organic fertilizer that meets the individual application, soil- and weather conditions en fertilizing targets of the user.

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